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I'm 25 year old student at UAF double majoring in English and Japanese. I'm a goofy person and I love to have fun and meet new people. I have been a closet fashionista for years and I love fashion as much as I love my games =)
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Friday, March 26, 2010

PostHeaderIcon School Work

UGH, school work. Whenever it seems like I get ahead on it, I realize I really am not. Mind you, I love school, and I love my majors, but it's times like this I realize just how, not on the ball I am. I at least got my registration done for next fall. Prospects:

Women's Voices in Japanese Literature
Continental Literature in Translation: Ancient World
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Intermediate Japanese
Fundamentals in Japanese History

Sounds like a fun load right? Ok it is except for that bloody Anatomy course. Stupid sciences. At least I'm trucking away on my general requirements. After next fall the only courses I will need for my general BA requirements will be an ethics course, another science course (The Dynamic Earth take 2? Since I had to drop it this last semester), and I think that's it..actually. Holy crap! If I can get credit for the women's voices class in my English degree it should knock out having to take another lit course. I still need to look at it.

Anyway, obviously I'm taking a break from studying and homework because, I need it or my brain will fry. I also need to clean, but no way in hell that's happening this weekend between work and all my projects due this week in school. I really can't wait to dig into my Shakespeare project on the Queer Theory. Which reminds me I wanted to look into an analysis of Sonnet 1.

Well, short blurp over. I feel better now. Talking about school actually helps me relieve stress about it. Go me! =)


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