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Saturday, July 10, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Sapporo, Take 2

The last few days have been AMAZING. In my previous post was the pictures from doing Bon Odori (Bon Matsuri [festival] dancing). The next day we went to Jidaimura, which is also called Edo Wonderland. Edo wonderland is a town and tourist attraction that is a Edo Period correct place. We were all put into traditional clothing (Kimono for women, and the male version for the men) and had traditional edo period class, we then got to wander the town for 3 hours. It was a LOT of fun. There were carnival horror house type things, one for ninja, another for oni (monsters/demons), and one for neko (cats). The pictures are linked below! Check them out!

Then today, our teacher met up with one of our 4th year students, Megan, who is studying at Hokudate (a private school). The 4 of us decided to do some hiking and as we got to the trolly we saw 4th ave was closed off for a bunch of matsuri (festival). There was music, trick shows, wrestling, all sorts of cool things. The best was the 4th ave shrine that houses the kami was brought out of the local shrine and taken around 4th ave!! They only do this once or twice a year! It was amazing to see! The man playing music was playing Miyazaki film music, so it was amazing to hear Mononoke Hime's theme song, it's one of my favorite pieces of music from his films!

Since the trail we wanted to take was closed, we ended up going and getting desert, which I ended up getting this AMAZING parfait that was made of green tea ice cream, mochi, and sweet beans with different sauces. It was DELICIOUS! After that it was off to do some shopping! I finally found the one thing I was looking for :D.

Saturday Sapporo
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