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Monday, May 10, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Shiseido: The Skincare

I've used Shiseido's products for a couple of years now; both skincare and makeup. I've used items from almost every one of their lines, so this is the background I'm coming from going into this review. Specifically I've been using the following products for the last couple of months from "The Skincare" line:

Hydro-balancing Softner Alcohol Free - 35.00$
Day moisture Protect spf 15 - 40.00$
Night moisture recharge light - 42.00$
Eye moisture recharge - 35.00$
Facial Cottons - 9.50$

The video review can be found here: Shiseido Review

With that lets get on to the last of the review!

Shiseido: The Skincare :
In general I'm very pleased with The Skincare line from Shiseido. Their products haven't broken my skin out which is really important to me since I have combination/oily, sensitive, acne prone skin. All of the skincare products I have used have a very light floral scent to them that DOES NOT linger on the skin for me. Shiseido puts a focus on aromatherapy with their products so, as mentioned, I have never encountered a product that smells bad.

The Skincare line also caters to a large array of skin types, which I also really like. It means if you like these products, even if you move and your skin concerns or needs change, they have you covered. Their products for The Skincare line range from very dry to combination/oily skin for those concerned with maintaing their skin's health and prevention.  If you are a person with oily skin I would suggest their Pureness line, or if your skin concerns are with fighting those first stages of maturing skin, I would suggest their Benefiance line. Regardless, Shiseido has products to cover all your skin concerns as well as formulas that will fit your skin type. I really REALLY like that about Shiseido. So even as my skin ages with me, I don't have to worry about their products being the wrong type for my skin type or concern.

One downfall is that Shiseido is a Japanese company, so a lot of their extra products aren't available in the US, which is a big bummer for me. The makeup from their other lines looks AMAZING and I can't try them till I go to Japan. The only options is to import them from a trusted place. This is also the same for the skin products that they don't distribute to the States as well.
Eye moisture Recharge:
I used to think that I didn't need an eye cream and that my moisturizers were enough. I had always heard that one should use an eye cream because the skin is more delicate, but again I figured with combo/oily skin that it wouldn't be parched enough to warrant it's own cream right? I was WRONG. After getting this and using it I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT improvement in how my eyes look. The Eye Moisture Recharge isn't targeted for any specific concern, it's a general eye cream and I have noticed the dark circles are less noticeable and that my eyes in general look less tired and look healthier. I have also noticed that my makeup and concealer under my eyes wears a LOT better throughout the day.

The cream has a very light gel texture that absorbs very quickly. It will sting your eyes a little if you get any in them, but it's nothing bad or something I would say is a buy breaker. It does have that light smell to it that all The Skincare products do, but again it doesn't perfume the skin. The bottle is plastic with a nozzle like tip, and from the indent in the picture you can gauge how much product is left in the bottle (sorry for some reason I can't rotate the picture and my editor is being silly).

 The 0.54 oz bottle runs 35.00$ and I think this is well worth the price. I've used this every day, day and night for the last 2 almost 3 months. A little goes a LONG way for how much I use it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone as it doesn't over moisturizer my skin and I have seen an improvement in my skin's health. I LOVE this product and while I am tempted to try other eye products just to see what's out there, this one has become a staple for me.
Facial Cotton:
Ok so I know this seems REALLY silly but I promise it's not. Of all the cottons I have EVER used I always come back to these. A package comes with 100 cottons and I use them twice a day so a package will last me 2 months before I need to reorder them. The package is 9.50$, which seems silly right? First, to buy 100 cottons at our local stores I'm going to be spending close to 9.50 anyway since they don't come in packs of 100. More importantly, these cottons are super super thin.

Since they are really thin, about 2 or 3 pumps of my softener will fit into the pad, so I waste LESS product (and by proxy, waste less money by not buying product more often) because I don't waste or over use my product with these pads. These pads don't leave cotton residue nor do they irritate my skin unlike drug store cottons. They are about 3 fingers in width and about a finger in length, so they aren't huge but they aren't tiny either. I find they are the perfect size for a one time application for the face and neck.
The only thing I HATE about these cottons is the packaging. It's a very light plastic that doesn't tear easily and it's not resealable. I don't want dust and other daily germs getting on my pads so I have to clip my bag shut because I can't reseal it. If you don't cut the top open you get the picture you see, a nice nasty tear. So what I end up doing is opening the package and taking out the cottons I need to put into a small container on my desk (see picture below) and then clip the bag shut until I need more cottons in my container. Plus this is super cute on my desk where I have everything put away and organized. So it's a little extra work but I think it's worth it especially for these cottons.
In all I think the Shiseido The Skincare line is WELL worth looking into regardless of your skin type and concern as the company does cary a large variety of items for all skin types and concerns. If you are looking to try these out and you can get samples TRY IT! That's what I did before I bought the full bottles. These products are (obviously) more expensive than drug store items but because of their performance and longevity I think they are well worth their price since they are quality over quantity. 

I hope this helped and if you have any questions please let me know either here, on you tube, facebook!
Stay beautiful!


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